Grit Ventures is courageous capital.

We are discovering pioneering inventions and sourcing purposeful innovation in the labs.


Grit is building industrial powerhouses in Agriculture, Construction, Logistics and Manufacturing, coupling automation with sustainability and impact.

Advanced Materials.

The future of advanced materials is local, vertically integrated, sustainable, and tailored to the application.


The future of food service is automated, fast, accurate and less wasteful.


We now live in an Impact Economy. Innovation Capital is the key and Grit is building industrial powerhouses to transform older industries.

Labs to Launch.

Grit is investing at the root of innovation bringing game changing technology out of the labs at schools like Carnegie Mellon, Stanford, UT Austin and MIT.


We invest in the Clean Machine Revolution.

Machines have the potential to set us free.  Grit partners with innovators in industrial automation, supply chain, sustainability and connectivity, across America's emerging hubs and industrial economies. We invest early, lead deals, and aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves to get the job done.

Our value add is Labs to Launch. We fund and support deeply technical teams who need help with funding and go-to-market strategies, hiring and business model execution.


Grit Labs bridges technology and talent to industry.

Fundamental research in AI, Robotics, Energy and Material Science are happening in the nation’s top labs. We built Grit Labs to bring innovators in the university and government labs together with industry partners, entrepreneurial talent and investors to explore market opportunity, commercialize, and build impactful solutions to the world’s biggest challenges.

We connect early-stage technologies and startups to these important strategic partners through Grit Labs strategic initiatives including our Startup Studio Accelerator Program, University Events and our Fellows Program.