Join the Deep Tech community: Office Hours

Hosted by Grit Ventures and Xiaoming Yin from Lockheed Ventures. This community includes monthly Zoom calls focused on specific challenges faced by early stage deep tech startups, for example: Fundraising Strategies and Milestones, Running a Successful Pilot, Business Models and ROI Calculations, Manufacturing Strategies, Building a Company Culture, Dual Use Strategies and more! If you are interested in attending, please fill out this quick survey.

Each session we frame the problem and invite expert speakers to offer up insights and resources and then open it to discussion where Chatham House Rules applies. Founders will not only gain vital knowledge but also develop some useful peer relationships. We also have a Slack Channel where we share a lot of founder resources.

If you are interested in attending, please fill out this quick survey.


Academic Council

Matt Travers, PhD.
Christoffer Heckman, PhD.
Justin Hart, PhD.
Joydeep Biswas, PhD.
Changliu Liu, PhD.
Dorsa Sadigh, PhD.
Monroe Kennedy, PhD.
Khurram Khan Afridi, PhD.
Howie Choset, PhD.
Luis Sentis, PhD.
Junfeng Jiao, PhD.

University Fellows

Diversity of perspective is a key to the future.

Grit University Fellows is a university-talent program focused on deep technology exploration and entrepreneurship.

2022 Applications due February 2022

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University Fellows

Gilberto Briscoe-Martinez
Corinne Alini
Waku Ken
Ramon Williams
Isaiah Scott