We believe the deep technology revolution is a unique and timely opportunity to create sustainable solutions, drive economic growth, and root the future in a diverse perspective.

Grit partners with diverse entrepreneurs to solve complex global problems and build world positive companies. At Grit, all investing is impact investing. We are on a mission to elevate humanity, increase sustainability, drive economic growth, and diversify wealth.

We now have the data and tools to understand the economic and societal impact of our actions. This allows us to make better decisions for collective benefit. Younger generations intuitively know that investment activity will grow increasingly impact oriented as their enormous economic power grows to maturity.

We seek solutions that drive sustainable growth, improve social equity and quality of life while preserving the planet. This is the economic opportunity of a lifetime. Every major industry must evolve to meet the world's changing infrastructure needs. We invest in fundamental innovations that are economic, clean and create a more circular and efficient economy. We value the well-being of humanity and invest in solutions that augment and enhance human capabilities.

Diversity is the future. A diverse perspective is more complete, and thus, more valuable. We need a diverse set of minds to drive technology into the future. We need Artificial Intelligence without bias that increases productivity and drives human achievement and quality of life. We are committed to elevating, recruiting, and investing in diverse talent.

And how do we do it? With GRIT.

Join us in building a better world.


Grit's Diversity Program has 4 key tenets:

1. Invest in diverse founders and executives. Grit commits to dedicate 50% of company investment (on a company basis) to companies with diverse founders.

2. Recruit executives, board members and top talent to diversify portfolio companies. Grit commits to specifically target and support hiring of diverse peoples in the highest ranks of company management and governance. This is executed by strategic diversity and focused recruiting relationships, in addition to our personal networks. These specific goals include:

• 100% of companies with diversity on the executive team
• 50% diverse employee base
• 100% of companies with diversity on the Board

3. Elevate, educate, and connect diverse STEM talent to Grit Labs community. This includes portfolio companies, Industry Partners and other venture capital funds. Grit is growing the University Fellows Program in response to the need for a pipeline of diverse talent in STEM entrepreneurship.

4. Find the others. We collaborate with others strategically focused on diversity through formal and informal partnerships, and co-investing networks. Grit Ventures appreciates the need for strategic partnership to truly solve the problem at hand.

Grit is passion and perseverance for long term goals.
— Angela Lee Duckworth, TED Talk