The deep technology revolution is a unique and timely opportunity to root the future in a diverse perspective.

We at Grit believe a diverse perspective is a more complete perspective, and thus, more valuable.

And therein lies the opportunity...

The Mission

We are on a mission, to elevate humanity, drive economic growth, and diversify wealth. We are taking a systematic, scalable approach and focusing at the points of maximum impact. Grit is the passion and perseverance to build a better way. Onward and upward.


A sustainable lifestyle is a precondition to humanity’s happy existence, today and tomorrow. The entire system needs to evolve. This is the economic opportunity of a lifetime. We take an elevated approach to sourcing solutions that are both economic and clean. We look for clever answers that create a more circular and efficient economy, across industry.


Economic growth is rooted in technology and entrepreneurship. New businesses create virtually all new jobs. Deep technological advancements drive outsized economic growth, while improving our quality of life. This drives prosperity.


Quality decisions are enabled by a broad perspective. The broader the perspective, the better. Diversity is in our best interest, despite disconnected networks and unconscious bias. Growth in both population and advanced education is increasingly diverse. Diversity is the future, but it will take GRIT. We know you have it. So do we.

Investment Thesis

Massive upcoming waves of R&D funding, huge real asset exit markets and decades of underivestment have created a hole in deep tech, particularly in the early stages. This is where we focus. We source from the nation's top labs, and de-risk by leading early-stage rounds and focusing on talent, funding, and go-to-market strategy.

Deep Tech

Grit Ventures is an early-stage deep technology infrastructure fund focused on AI, Robotics and Advanced Energy.

Labs to Launch

We organize around marquee research universities and the innovation ecosystems that they anchor.

Innovation Hubs

We bridge the mature activity centers of Silicon Valley and Boston — Stanford and MIT — to the growing hubs of emerging innovation across America like Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh.

The Clean Machine REvolution

The Clean Machine Revolution is here, rooted in core technologies of AI, Robotics and Advanced Energy. We have real problems in labor, supply chain, and sustainability. We require new solutions: new technologies, new cities, and new diverse talent.

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